The tXtFL Game Guide


Franchise management is a new feature in tXtFL 4. You can start your own franchise team to track through multiple seasons and player careers.

Franchise setup

When selecting the game type, choose to "Start a new franchise." Select an existing team to build your franchise around.

If you build multiple franchises, each franchise will exist in an isolated "world," separate from all your other franchise "worlds."


As soon as you set up your franchise, the league conducts a draft to fill rosters with rookies.

Adjust the "Draft depth" option to determine how many levels of rookies will be drafter for each position. Rookies are generated with unique names and random stats appropriate for their position.

Rookies are currently assigned randomly. Future versions may allow for an interactive draft.

Franchise seasons

As your team plays a season, you can move players around your depth charts. Try rookies in the field and promote the ones who appear promising, while continuing to groom the rest.

Go for the Bowl! And once you've achieved a title, go for it again to make your case for the tXtFL Hall of Fame!


As everyone heads home after the season, your older players will count up their years and accummulated injuries to see if retirement is in order. You can adjust the average retirement age in the Options area.

Your more mature players will be watching the veterans go to vacate spots in the depth charts. And another draft will wind around to fill up remaining spots with fresh rookies.

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