The tXtFL Game Guide

Grab a towel! We're about to play the tXtFL strategy-based football simulator.

What Is tXtFL?

tXtFL is a football strategy simulator and team manager. You create the players, design and call the plays, and track statistics.

  • Coach full games with accurate football game models
  • Play in American, Canadian, collegiate, or Arena leagues
  • Create your own league, teams, and players with customizable stats and strengths
  • NEW Start a franchise to build through season after season
  • Generate full seasons and play for playoffs and tXtFL Bowl
  • Download new leagues from the web, or share your own
  • Track detailed team and player stats
  • Micromanage your leagues through the tXtFL database
  • Simulate hundreds to thousands of games to predict next week's scores


Version 4.0
Last modified: 2016-08-16

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