The tXtFL Game Guide

Quick Start

The quickest way to start is to choose a preason game with your favorite team match-up.

After the coin toss, pick your type of play and then the specific route or coverage scheme.

After the play, you'll see a radio announcement of the outcome.

Substitute players in the Manager area (mobile: tap the helmets button). Track player and game stats and drive history (mobile: tap the scoreboard).

Decide on penalties, adjust your lineup, and choose your next play!

Conquered the preseason?

Start a season and battle your way to the tXtFL Bowl!

Up your game a notch by upping the Difficulty setting in the Settings/Options area.

NEW Watch Mode

MOBILE tXtFL Mobile 4 brings a new Watch button that allows you to watch games in real time. Your team capain will audible for you, and you can sit back and watch the animations.

DESKTOP On tXtFL Desktop, you can press Go to automatically choose each play, or put your cursor in the box next to Go and press enter for each decision.

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