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About Text Flex

Some simulators take you to alternate worlds. Ours prepare you for this world.

Text Flex is a home for flexing text-based, retro software in the modern era since 2003. We started as a text-based football game and the text editor we used to write it. Since then we've designed apps and websites for middle school students, scientific behavioral analysis, and the blind.

Our goals:

Feature Focus
Accurate Simulations A simulator is only as good as its simulations. We test our football simulator thousands of times against every game. Our behavioral suite is open-source for all to view and verify.
Any Computer, Anytime We can't stand a great program on Windows that can't run on a Mac. Or a website that can only be viewed in a particular browser. We design both our software and websites to be interoperable and platform-independent.
What You See Is What You Get Tabs don't become spaces! We try our best to build software without hidden surprises.

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