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Web Design Portfolio

A clear and refreshing website is at the heart of our design philosophy. That's because we believe that you and your visitors deserve to spend more time viewing your content than hunting through your pages.

Website Collaboration Snapshot
Sonrise Christian Fellowship The Sonrise website was one of our first and one that continues to grow. Founded in 2004 as a student-led fellowship at the health sciences campus UCSF, Sonrise gathers students for worship and Bible study. We built the website from the ground up as a way to keep students spread across multiple campuses in touch and organized through collaborative online documents. Snapshot of Sonrise website
UCSF Children's Health Hut Health Hut had a small and functional website as an online presence of this mobile health unit. Keeping the basic look and feel of the then-current website in 2005, we created a new layout with photo galleries to expand the Hut's outreach to a national audience of schools and organizations interested in creating similar health units for children. This site has since been turned back over to the Hut. Snapshot of Health Hut website
Campus Christian Fellowship CCF existed successfully as a fellowship and website for a number of years. We took over the website to guide the fellowship's transition to an umbrella organization for other fellowships at UCSF. The first stage upgraded the website to take advantage of new AJAX-based technologies. The final stage created a site that seeks to provide representation of all participating fellowships on campus through a fellowship gallery, collaborative calendars, and campuswide event announcements. Snapshot of Campus Christian Fellowship website
Christian Medical and Dental Association at UCSF The UCSF chapter of CMDA needed a relatively static website that they could then tweak and update as necessary. Using existing AJAX technologies, we created a site that we then handed over to the CMDA chapter. Snapshot of CMDA website
The Game at UCSF With a view toward online collaboration, we leveraged existing technologies built into the CMDA website to create an almost entirely collaborative website based on online documents. Unlike a wiki, our website template was entirely customizable, and documents could be edited both within and outside the site, without the need to create new user accounts. Snapshot of The Game website
Text Flex Our website is our own playground, and we've gone through many interations. If you're ready for a blast from the past, peruse our home shots from Text Flex 1.0pre | 1.0 | 2.0 | 3.0. As a work in progress, the website you're viewing right now is 4.0pre.

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