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tXtFL is a text-based strategic football simulator. You take the role of Coach to call the plays and manage your team.


tXtFL Import: Download new leagues or create your own!

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tXtFL Mobile 4.1: Fullscreen mode, AI improvements for late-half decisions, scoring summary improvements.

Franchises in tXtFL Mobile 4.0: The Android app now includes the tXtFL 4 engine and more.

tXtFL Desktop 4.0: Franchises, health and injuries, routes and match-ups, and more!

tXtFL Mobile Betas: Beta builds are now open to all on Android as well!

Using DBEdit 2 (modified) to access your tXtFL database.

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Desktop v.4.3, Oct 21, 2017 | changelog

For Windows, Mac, and Linux. Need Java? Plugins/Web Start *not* required. Installation help.

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Mobile v.4.3.1, Sept 1, 2018 | changelog

For Android. Learn more. Tell us your feedback.

Mobile beta v.4.3.1, June 9, 2018

Older version also available in the BlackBerry App World.

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Coach Your Team to Victory

The tXtFL, or teXt Football League, football simulator lets you be the coach. You create your team, pick your players, and make the play calls. During each football game, you can watch passing, rushing, receiving, and more statistics pile up depending on the calls you a little luck.

Teams can be coached by choosing each play and reorganizing teams. You can tweak player assignments, add new plays, and track player statistics. Players and teams can be customized through player skill values (eg "hands," "feet") and team coaching values (eg "pass coaching," "run coaching").

tXtFL 2.0 brought entire seasons and championships, and now tXtFL 3 allows you to download and import entirely new leagues, or even design your own. And with tXtFL 4, you can follow your own franchise team—in your league of choice—across multiple seasons.

tXtFL Mobile runs on Android with the same game engine as well as a live view of the field.

Simulate Real Life Games

tXtFL is also a predictive sports simulator. Run the simulator in fully automated mode to model hundreds to thousands of games for your favorite or fantasy team. Download real teams and players to simulate match-ups and predict scores.

The simulation has a proven track record through regular season games and our very favorite, the tXtFL Bowl. Run your own simulations and submit your results!

Challenge Your Friends

tXtFL 3.6 brought back multiplayer (the original tXtFL had a rudimentary, telnet-based version!). You can bring a battle of the minds to the field as you test your coaching prowess against your friends. Desktop multiplayer can take place on a LAN or WAN, and tXtFL Multiplayer takes advantage of Google Play Games for auto-matching or playing against Google+ friends.

On Google Play Games, you can also climb leaderboards and accrue achievements. Total scores, offensive and defensive yards, and multiplayer scores are all fair game. Playing at higher difficulty levels weights your points more heavily to reward your coaching genius.