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tXtFL has grown across the years from a simple command-line program to a full-fledged app for both the desktop and mobile devices, including phones and tablets.


tXtFL Screenshots

tXtFL Mobile 1.0 for Android brings the gamecast interface to phones and tablets. Unique to tXtFL Mobile are simple animations to give a quick sense of the play's outcome, this time with tiny football figures in place of X's and O's.

tXtFL 3.1 and 3.2 brought many foward-facing changes, including full reorganization of the various stats boxes into a tabbed panel. Separate tables hold player stats by position groupings, and a separate tab shows starters and bench players for each team as well as provisions for making substitutions. The scoreboard has also undergone a makeover at the top of the window.

tXtFL 3 sports a "cozier" interface with attention to making it more responsive and resizable. Here you can see the cross-platform support, including a built-in browser for importing new leagues directly from the cloud.

In late 2010 we introduced our first mobile application, tXtFL Mobile. Version 0.99.7 included a revamped layout and the addition field animations.

Most of the work on tXtFL 2.0 took place under the hood, overhauling the old team/player spec files with an integrated database. We added a splash of textual color for cosmetic appeal.

tXtFL 1.0 sported a completely new, mouse-driven interface with built-in browser.

A desktop screenshot of tXtFL-0.9.2 final release, showing the player/team download utility and the sim at work.

tXtFL 0.5.2, one of our first releases.