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The goal of Text Flex software development is to create the most accurate and robust simulators as possible. From the predictive football simulator to the highly flexible text editor, we emphasize an open, scientific approach to software development so that anyone can use and verify our software.

Software Design & Development
tXtFL A strategy-based football simulator that integrates team management and play calling, with team and player updates from real stats on the web. The simulator made a personal best when it came within 3 points on either side to predicting the final outcome of the final Patriots game of the 2008 season.
Dr. Scenario A scenario-based simulator teaching youth how to manage their health on a budget. Each player starts with a full wallet that they must dip into wisely at they face taxing health scenarios they might encounter in real life, with explanations provided in teen-friendly language. Presented as "Dr. Scenario: A Computer Simulator for Teaching Youth How to Manage Health on a Budget" at the UCSF Department of Family and Community Medicine Colloquium, San Franciso, CA, 2007 May 10.
Text Trix An open-source, cross-platform text editor whose goal is to make file and text navigation user-friendly for both coding and all-purpose editing. What started as a single feature to make copying text from emails easier became the first plugin of a larger text editor designed with the coder in mind. We use it for all our web and software development and wanted to make it available to you, too.
Jar Ajar A JAR-based self-extractor for zip files. Back in the day, when computers couldn't open zip files by default, we needed a way to get our files out to you easily. Given the assumption that people using our Java-based software could open Java programs, we designed a lightweight, platform-indepdendent tool that could package and extract programs using the Java environment.

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