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Text Flex™ Dr. Scenario™ teaches health to youth through a series of scenarios. The player tries to identify health conditions and juggles treatment costs with efficacy. Explanations are provided in teen-friendly language to promote healthy living.

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Simulate health from several platforms (v.1.0beta3-1 as of May 9, 2007).

Windows, Linux, OS-independent versions available.

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If you enjoyed this health education game, please consider making a small donation. See here for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Java version do I need? While Text Trix is designed for Java 1.4+ Java 6 is recommended. Only the JRE is needed, unless you are compiling from source. Linux users should upgrade to Java 5 Update 10 or Java 6 because of an icon bug. Fedora Core 6 comes with a new version of GCJ that runs Text Trix, but Java 6 is still recommended (for now) for a smoother experience.

What should I expect?

More information coming soon!

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