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Changelog for tXtFL 2

tXtFL 2 is no longer available now that tXtFL 3 has been released! You can get the new version here.

Our new installer will keep your installation updated on Mac/Win/Lin and *no* longer requires Java Web Start.

Alternatively, you can use our older installer with Java Web Start.


  • Playoffs and tXtFL Bowl now complete
  • Font size adjustments for key text
  • New default teams (player name updates pending)
  • Fixed crash when selected team has no more games in season


  • League conferences and divisions
  • Playoffs (first round only so far)
  • Customizable leagues and rule-sets (user-defined via spreadsheet)
  • Customizable season length
  • Arena tXtFL and fixes to collegiate tXtFL league
  • Fixed networking mode regression


  • Updated to alpha4 release
  • Customizable rules sets for each league
  • Canadian rules applied when running Canadian football league, including expanded field and changes to max players and downs
  • Collegiate rules applied when running college football
  • Improved shortcuts for non-graphical ("-ng") mode
  • Database version checking and backup
  • SWT libraries updated from 3.6M6 -> 3.6 (final)


  • Updated to alpha3 release
  • Fixes crash on season continuation when no season has been been generated
  • Fixes recording of season automated games
  • Safe database shutdown
  • Reorganized controls in the input area


  • Season standings are displayed
  • Points scored during overtime are properly recorded


  • Now working on the Mac!


  • Season games are saved to the database
  • Following a season game, the rest of the games for that week can be automated


  • The txtfl.jnlp file can now be launched directly from the browser, rather than having to save to file first


  • Workaround for running on Ubuntu 8.04 (64-bit Java): disables browser if it cannot be loaded
  • Update on MacOS: apparently a bug in the SWT GUI code prevents Java Web Start or applet launches on MacOS (see


  • Initial release, including basic seasons implementation
  • Note that the txtfl.jnlp file should be saved to disk and run from a directory that has permissions for saving the database files. Future releases will focus on saving the database in a standard location.
  • Tested successfully on Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit Java), Vista (32-bit Java), Ubuntu 9.10 (32-bit Java)
  • Tested unsuccessfully on MacOS X 10.6.1 (32- and 64-bit Java), Ubuntu 8.04 (64-bit Java)