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tXtFL 3 brings you a completely revamped football game engine.


Changelog for tXtFL 3 (archive)

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Changes for tXtFL 3.8.2 (released 2015-03-30)

  • Finds substitute players from within roster more aggressively
  • Command-line/text-only package improvements
  • Better feedback on league import errors
  • Option to turn off homefield advantage

Changes for tXtFL 3.8.1 (released 2014-06-18)

  • Updated graphics, database, and build libraries
  • Backs up database more aggressively

Changes for tXtFL 3.8.0 (released 2014-02-25)

  • Home field advantage with configurable setting for each team's crowd
  • View past game summaries (double-click on game in season schedule)
  • Memory improvements
  • Proportionately caps player/coaching skill points
  • Fixed multiplayer coin toss under certain conditions
  • Fixed playoffs for leagues with more than two conferences and conferences of different sizes
  • Fixed continuing onto next game with current team after restored game
  • Fixed season week import column order independence
  • Fixed incorrect database location (should be back in .txtfl3)

Changes for tXtFL 3.7.1 (released 2013-12-19)

  • Bye/off week improvements
  • Improved post-Bowl game state
  • Fixed display of newly imported league in seasons tab
  • Fixed playoffs setup for conferences with only one division fixes

Changes for tXtFL 3.7 (released 2013-10-30)


  • Season schedule viewer
  • Smoother continuation from one week to the next during seasons
  • Timeouts easier to access
  • Prevents display of other team's play choices over the network
  • Small fixes to option and error descriptions
  • Fixed to show newly imported leagues in seasons viewer when importing from a spreadsheet
  • Fixed multiplayer connection cancellation
  • Fixed to allow client to go back and correct a selection

Football Model:

  • Improved 4th down and field goal decision-making
  • Timeouts automatically applied at game ending for both teams if applicable
  • League version numbers to support updates
  • Difficulty settings no longer applied to automated or multiplayer games
  • Fixed negative yardlines displayed after some returns
  • Fixed timeouts sometimes applied to incorrect team
  • Fixed field position after missed field goal

Changes for tXtFL 3.6 (released 2013-08-05)


  • Host games or connect to other players
  • Play head-to-head
  • View stats across a network
  • Fixed player turns in two-player mode

Other Improvements:

  • Can run in Mac full screen mode (requires Java 7u40+)
  • Database improvements
  • Can run beta releases from alternative installer
  • Fixed crash when saving games

Changes for tXtFL 3.5.2 (released 2013-03-14)

  • Fixed drive headers
  • Fixed reporting stats from many automated games
  • Fixed crash during particular punt scenarios
  • Fixed penalties during 2-point conversions

Changes for tXtFL 3.5.1 (released 2013-01-28)

  • Penalty fixes
  • Season standing fixes

Changes for tXtFL 3.5 (released 2013-01-22)

tXtFL Engine:

  • Penalties!
  • Difficulty levels
  • Box scores now include team stats and scoring plays
  • Much more detailed season standings
  • Player stats better weighted for current season
  • Improved models for rushing plays and kickoff/punt returns
  • Full box scores written to file
  • Team leaders displayed at end of game
  • Bug fixes

tXtFL Desktop:

  • Game stats/controls now split across both side panes
  • Season standings tab
  • Improved column format of stats
  • Fixed league downloads on Mac platforms

Summary of changes for 3.4.1 (released 2012-12-23)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed player assignment when position does not specify side of field
  • Fixed to prevent duplicating subs
  • Fixed to apply time per quarter at start of each launch
  • Fixed importing spreadsheets on Mac systems
  • Uses default Mac system font
  • Fixed alternate installer reinstalling files on 2nd launch

Summary of changes for 3.4.0 (released 2012-12-09)

Mac compatibility and interface updates:

  • Mac display refinements
  • Alternate installer/launcher (Win/Mac/Linux) that does not require Java Web Start, now that JWS is being disabled on many Macs, and tXtFL does not work on the current release of Mac Java 7 (1.7.0_09 as of writing)
  • Streamlined selectors for play choices

Stats and database updates:

  • Added preliminary defensive stats
  • Player import fixes
  • Fixed database re-upgrade when going back to newer release
  • Database backs up only its own directory

Summary of changes for 3.3.1 (released 2012-09-20)

For all the new features in tXtFL 3.3, see below.

  • Team and players (partial) update for 2012 season
  • Automatic adjustment of player/coaching points that exceed max allowed
  • Additional stats columns
  • Better fumble feedback
  • Fixed prompt cue during 2-player games

Summary of changes for 3.3.0 (released 2012-07-29)

New stats/configurability (see the tXtFL Import spreadsheet for more details):

  • PosExt and DepthExt: assign multiple extra positions/depths to each player (in addition to assigments in the Pos/Depth columns)
  • SeasonName: assign multiple seasons on a single seasons sheet
  • League Skill: weight the league's overall skill level
  • ConfSkill: weight each conference's skill for inter-conference play
  • MinVer: specifies the minimum tXtFL version that supports the current spreadsheet's features (if MinVer < tXtFLVer, the newer columns will simply be ignored)

User interface:

  • Single rather than double-click to navigate through menus
  • Updated graphics library from SWT 3.7 to 4.2 (browser fixes, etc.)
  • Fixed "&" symbol in scoreboard
  • Better output for depth chart conflicts

Under the hood:

  • Greater use of depth charts to assign alternate players
  • Updated database library from Derby 10.8 to 10.9 (bug fixes)

Summary of changes for 3.2.1 (released 2012-04-14)

  • Fixed crash when auto-selecting from saved games or seasons lists
  • Fixed small portions of commentary and other text
  • Fixed crash under certain conditions when choosing quickly from the answer tables
  • Small performance fixes

Summary of changes for 3.2.0 (released 2012-03-08)

User interface:

  • Manager tab for viewing your team's player stats and making player substitutions during the game, as well as viewing other teams' players
  • Player game stats are now organized in a more compact, readable table format
  • Completely new scoreboard layout
  • All columns are now completely resizable


  • Backs up database prior to upgrades
  • Better feedback when resetting database
  • Fixed potential mis-assignment of players to teams in different leagues with the same team name
  • Fixed missing FGLG and FGBlk stats during stats import
  • Fixed missing punt inside-20 stats records

Under the hood:

  • Seasons can now be automated over multiple successive weeks
  • Small performance/stability fixes

Summary of changes for 3.1.0 (released 2012-02-18)

User interface:

  • Reorganized stats and drives into tabbed area
  • Stores user preferences through new options pane
  • Allows multiple connections to the database for running multiple instances of the app or connecting from a database editor
  • Reset database button
  • Icon refresh


  • Supports new rule settings: goal post width and position; end zone length; kickoff, touchback, and missed field goal yardlines; clock stoppage periods
  • Improved clock management
  • Supports missed field goal returns and singles
  • Place kick accuracy and pass vs. run model updates
  • Better handling of extreme coaching points
  • Finds more player substitutions for missing positions
  • Performance optimizations for automated games (up to 25% faster)


  • Records player game stats from automated games and writes totals to file
  • Option to turn off writing game stats to file
  • Improved play-by-play summaries

3.0.1 (released 2012-01-29)

  • Game Guide updated for tXtFL 3
  • Fixed recording of PAT stats
  • Fixed recording of defensive INT/INT TD stats
  • Fixed receiver target stats on INTs
  • Fixed unnecessary addition of stock players
  • Fixed crash when space precedes player name
  • Fixed position of kickoff at start of 2nd half
  • Fixed crash when issuing empty command via URL bar

Summary of changes for 3.0.0 (released 2011-12-25)


  • Dramatic performance improvements for automated simulations
  • Modularized to allow for greater flexibility and long-term improvements
  • Many, many game model enhancements and fixes for improved realism
  • Completely revamped stats engine to track many more stats for each player (eg sacks, INTs, fumbles, and returns)
  • Many new teams included by default, including the complete Canadian lineup
  • Run multiple automations for each game in a season
  • Call timeouts
  • Play onside kicks

User interface:

  • Slightly streamlined, more "comfortable" interface
  • 3-column play selection for more intuitive play-calling
  • Download and import entire leagues from the web
  • Import custom files through the built-in browser
  • View season match-ups and scores
  • Fixed window layout for smaller screens


  • Launches via Java Web Start, which also updates automatically
  • Compatible with 32- and 64-bit Windows, Linux, and Mac (new for 64-bit Linux)
  • Runs on Java 1.4+ (fixed compatibility for Java 1.4, tested on Java 7)

2.99.11 (released 2011-12-09)


  • Download and import new leagues from the web
  • Import custom spreadsheets from the built-in browser
  • Fixes to down and yardage format

Game Model and Stats:

  • Complete overhaul of how stats are recorded internally
  • New recorded stats, including sacks, INTs, fumbles, and returns
  • Better player assignments during each play

2.99.10 (released 2011-10-05)


  • Drive selector summaries more concise
  • Reorganized plays based on distance

Game Model and Stats:

  • Play onside kicks
  • Call timeouts
  • Many game model improvements, including:
    • More realistic auto-selection of plays
    • More sophisticated player ratings
    • Improved weighting of player strengths to each play
    • More realistic clock and numbers of plays per game
    • Better distribution of receiver targets
    • Fixed auto-play selection during automated games
  • Updated QB stats
  • Fixed recording of defensive stats for tackles
  • Fixed recording of fumble stats

Under the hood:

  • Started support for importing spreadsheets from the browser
  • Fixed duplicate game entries when automating the rest of a game

2.99.9 (released 2011-08-28)


  • 3-column play selection layout
  • Abbreviates player names in stats listing for cleaner layout

Game Model and Stats:

  • Complete Canadian lineup
  • Game model improvements
  • Automates the rest of the game when ended early
  • Imports season schedules
  • Run multiple automations for each game in a season
  • Displays summary of automated games
  • Fixed sacks recorded in pass attempts

Under the hood:

  • Import spreadsheets and run automated games from command-line
  • Fixed 18-week season selection
  • Stability improvements and many other bug fixes
  • Changes not yet fully implemented here:
    • Option to set the length of each quarter
    • Allows for running multiple instances

2.99.8 (released 2011-06-25)

Interface and Installation:

  • Upgraded SWT 3.6 -> 3.7, bringing improved in-game browser support, including browser support on 64-bit Linux platforms
  • Upgraded Derby -> 10.8.2 and improved feedback during browser initialization
  • Updated Game Box layout
  • Fixed window layout when resizing window and for smaller screen sizes

Game Model and Stats:

  • Player skill values have more sophisticated impact on ability
  • Further reduced chance of safety after INT/fumble and negative run yardage
  • Fixed incorporation of reception stats
  • Fixed some play type assignments
  • Fixed errors on duplicate team insertions
  • Fixed field goal distances to include long-snap yardage
  • Fixed PAT/field-goal distances based on field length


  • Added 8 new teams (2 tXtFL, 2 Collegiate tXtFL, 4 Arena tXtFL)
  • Playoffs can now handle odd/unequal numbers of teams
  • Fixed playoffs and display of standings for leagues with conferences only (ie Canadian)
  • Fixed automated season games after loading saved game
  • Fixed wild card team selection

2.99.7 (released 2011-05-05)


  • Text styling and colors to highlight key parts of plays
  • Larger fonts and slightly more compact interface
  • Informs user of opponent's special teams formations
  • Clarifies whether user is on offense of defense
  • Game score summary after automated games
  • Improved feedback while loading desktop interface
  • Fixed crash when choosing random selection in options menu

Game model:

  • Incorporates opponent's special teams into automated decision-making
  • Incorporates yardage remaining into auto-play selection
  • Improved 4th-down punt-or-play automated decision-making
  • Improved kickoff/punt/return model and fair-catch decision
  • Improved rushing yardage
  • Updated play formations
  • Fixed additional play after time expires
  • Fixed to allow extra points as 1st half expires
  • Fixed safeties on INT and kickoffs
  • Fixed defensive right-left targeting


  • Shows weekly match-ups before and score summary after games
  • Shows only the seasons and teams available for the league
  • Prompt prior to automating remaining games during a season week
  • Fixed crash on playoffs
  • Fixed incorrect win assignment in some season games
  • Fixed Arena tXtFL division assignments
  • Fixed game reset prior to first automated season game
  • Fixed game save/restore for season games


  • Updated QB stats and added fullback players
  • Added QB sneaks
  • Improved stats column spacing
  • Added team city abbreviation field chosen league
  • Writes game stats to file after each game
  • Writes games summary after each automation series
  • Turns off "retro" plays by default (eg kickoff-dropkicks)
  • Fixed tackle stats for determining player blocking ability
  • Fixed recording of player stats after each game
  • Fixed punter names in safety punts
  • Fixed delayed quarter score updating
  • Fixed tackler assignment
  • Fixed player substitution assignments
  • Fixed punter stats listing prior to punt plays


  • Upgraded SWT 3.6 -> 3.7M6 on Linux platforms
  • Upgraded Derby ->
  • Fixed JNLP launch from 64-bit Linux platforms
  • Fixed compatibility for as far back as Java 1.4

2011-05-05 (updates through 2.99.7 final)

  • Improved database loading
  • Clarified team selection
  • Fixed compatibility for as far back as Java 1.4
  • Fixed game save/restore for season games

2011-04-13 (updates through 2.99.7pre)

  • Improved stats column spacing
  • Updated play formations
  • Upgraded SWT 3.6 -> 3.7M36 on Linux platforms
  • Upgraded Derby ->
  • Fixed defensive right-left targeting
  • Fixed safeties on kickoffs
  • Fixed JNLP launch from 64-bit Linux platforms
  • Fixed delayed quarter score updating
  • Fixed tackler assignment
  • Fixed player substitution assignments
  • Fixed punter stats listing prior to punt plays

2010-12-04 (all updates through tXtFL 2.99.2 since tXtFL 2)

  • Modularized game engine and database for significantly improved performance of automated simulations
  • New players/teams and updated plays
  • Fixed loading web links on the Mac
  • Note: does not currently load Draft for downloading teams/players

tXtFL 2 released


  • Playoffs and tXtFL Bowl now complete
  • Font size adjustments for key text
  • New default teams (player name updates pending)
  • Fixed crash when selected team has no more games in season


  • League conferences and divisions
  • Playoffs (first round only so far)
  • Customizable leagues and rule-sets (user-defined via spreadsheet)
  • Customizable season length
  • Arena tXtFL and fixes to collegiate tXtFL league
  • Fixed networking mode regression


  • Updated to alpha4 release
  • Customizable rules sets for each league
  • Canadian rules applied when running Canadian football league, including expanded field and changes to max players and downs
  • Collegiate rules applied when running college football
  • Improved shortcuts for non-graphical ("-ng") mode
  • Database version checking and backup
  • SWT libraries updated from 3.6M6 -> 3.6 (final)


  • Updated to alpha3 release
  • Fixes crash on season continuation when no season has been been generated
  • Fixes recording of season automated games
  • Safe database shutdown
  • Reorganized controls in the input area


  • Season standings are displayed
  • Points scored during overtime are properly recorded


  • Now working on the Mac!


  • Season games are saved to the database
  • Following a season game, the rest of the games for that week can be automated


  • The txtfl.jnlp file can now be launched directly from the browser, rather than having to save to file first


  • Workaround for running on Ubuntu 8.04 (64-bit Java): disables browser if it cannot be loaded
  • Update on MacOS: apparently a bug in the SWT GUI code prevents Java Web Start or applet launches on MacOS (see


  • Initial release, including basic seasons implementation
  • Note that the txtfl.jnlp file should be saved to disk and run from a directory that has permissions for saving the database files. Future releases will focus on saving the database in a standard location.
  • Tested successfully on Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit Java), Vista (32-bit Java), Ubuntu 9.10 (32-bit Java)
  • Tested unsuccessfully on MacOS X 10.6.1 (32- and 64-bit Java), Ubuntu 8.04 (64-bit Java)